Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2008

Sap Moos verlässt die Aveda Familie

Nach vielen Jahren treuer Dienste am Aveda Kunden verlässt sie uns die Sap moos Serie, nicht ohne Wehmut zu verursachen.
Ersetzt wird sie nun mit Dry Remedy.

From the people who made organic cool before Leo DiCaprio, comes the latest spa treatment for your head. Aveda created the perfect compliment for Damage Remedy, a hardcore moisture treatment to match up with their hardcore best-selling reconstructor, Damage Remedy.
Dry Remedy includes a patent-pending combination called the Deep Moisture-complex, consisting of palm and Pomegranate conditioners that penetrated straw-like strands. Meadowfoam oil and Jojoba oil locks in moisture. Macadamia nut oil help to unravel tangled tresses.
Every shower brings you to a vacation in the tropics. Warm Vanilla, rose, Ylang-Ylang waft in the air as you imagine the lush flowers of a remote island retreat surround your body.

I suggest you fill your tub with water, light some candles and soak while you wait for the magic to happen.

Nothing can make the moment any better except knowing that the Deep-moisture complex can improve brittle hair up

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